Adult padel and coaching for everyone

Male padel player

Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Play all year round on our three floodlit courts.

Padel is so easy to learn, and it’s great fun. Even with limited racket skills, you can quickly engage in dynamic and fun rallies using the court’s surroundings.

Because it’s always played as doubles, it’s a really social activity and ideal for families and friends. Padel can be played in groups of mixed ages and abilities, as it is not power dominant.

We offer pay and play sessions and coaching courses available to everyone. Or you can join East Glos and play padel, tennis, squash and racketball for one single subscription.

Watch the video: Why our members love padel at East Glos

  • “It’s been a great new sport to learn.” 
  • “The social side of the club has been amazing.”
  • “I like how it’s very easy to pick up the game.”
  • “I took up padel and have absolutely loved it ever since.” 
Padel players

Pay and play: Padel for the Cheltenham community

We have pay and play sessions across the week. You don’t need to be an East Glos member. All you need to do is register on our booking site to book and pay for courts.

Adult courses

Adult courses for everyone, all year round

If you’re new to padel or want to brush up on your skills, there’s a range of group courses for beginners and improvers. 

Run by Kingsley Harris, our LTA qualified padel coach, group courses at East Glos are a fun way to improve your padel with others.


Individual and small group coaching

If you and a group of friends would like to have a lesson with our padel coaches  please contact them below. Sessions are available for all abilities. 

Kingsley Harris, 07879 644218

Individual: £35; group of 2: £40; group of 3: £45; group of 4: £40

Charlotte Elgood, 07930 658223

Individual £25; group of 2: £30, group of 3: £35, group of 4 £40

For non-members there is an additional £5 visitor fee per person payable at Reception. 

Padel mixed

Social padel: A chance to meet new opponents

Try one of our two weekly organised social sessions. For club members it’s a chance to meet others in a fun, friendly setting.

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Teams and competitions

If you’re a club member and a more competitive player, there’s a growing list of opportunities for match and competition play. We run regular club tournaments, which often attract over 60 entrants.

We’re also active in the fast-growing national padel league, playing clubs from across the UK.

Mixed padel

Padel ladders

We run three internal padel ladders for club members: Ladies doubles, men’s doubles and mixed. They’re a good way of meeting other members and enjoying competitive play. When you join the club, we’ll show you how to sign up.