Junior padel: Fun, sociable and easy to learn

Girls playing padel

Padel has arrived at East Glos and it’s so easy to learn. Whether  your children want to take up a new sport or already play tennis or squash, padel is great fun. 

Even with limited racket skills, children can quickly develop their padel game. As it’s only played in doubles, children playing together can promote values such as teamwork and overcoming challenges.

Our courses are open to everyone. There is no obligation for your child to become a club member, but there are many benefits in doing so, including:

  • Single rackets membership: Play tennis, squash and padel
  • A free East Glos T-shirt
  • A 10% discount voucher for the East Glos pro shop
  • Savings on the cost of padel, tennis, and squash coaching courses
  • Savings on private tuition from our fully qualified team of coaching pros


Kids being coached at padel

Padel beginners courses from tots to teens

Our padel beginners are for children aged 11 to 16. They comprise lots of fun, teaching and games. The courses are open to everyone, including non-members.

Our LTA qualified padel coach Kingsley Harris will help children begin their padel journey.  

Child playing padel

Individual and small group coaching

If your child and a group of friends would like to have a lesson with our padel coach Kingsley, please contact him on [email protected] or 07879 644218. 

The cost per hour is:

Individual: £35; Group of 2: £40; Group of 3: £45; Group of 4: £40

For non-members there is an additional £5 visitor fee per person payable at Reception.