What happened when three world ranked squash players tried padel?

We were delighted to welcome three world ranked squash players to our padel courts last weekend.

High-ranked professional squash players regularly train with our in-house professionals. After squash training with Haley Mendez (WR42) who is based at East Glos, Sarah-Jane Perry (WR7), and Lisa Aitken (WR40) tried their hand at padel.

squash pros try padel

▲ Photo: Lisa Aitken, Sarah-Jane Perry, Ben Heuzé, Halez Mendez

Lisa said, “Playing padel gave me a buzz comparable to squash. It’s fast dynamic and combines the subtleties of squash and tennis, but it is also completely its own sport in its own rights.

“What I loved the most was being able to have teammates! That social aspect is what will keep me coming back. I will be looking to book a weekly lesson from now on.”

Sarah-Jane said, ‘I’ve played padel a handful of times now and was thrilled to hear East Glos had just installed three courts. We had a great time playing, and Ben gave us a few tips on the nuances of padel which are different to tennis or squash – but not too many!

“Having played tennis and squash since I can remember, some of the game comes naturally to me, but I love the challenge of figuring the rest out. I can’t wait until the next time. Padel seems to be rather addictive!”.